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1. What We Offer

Builders/developers of homes, condos, apartments, etc. We offer a hand full of rental properties as well.

2. Who is it For

We are looking to hit any market, whether it’s your first starter home, or your last retirement condo.

3. Why Choose Us

We simplify the home building process in a timely matter &

strive to provide the best customer experience. 

4. What’s our story

Dave Visser Builder has acquired nearly 30 years of experience as a builder.


Dave Visser Builder commitment to building quality custom homes is evident on the Northwest side, but he certainly isn’t limited to this area. Dave has built homes in Rockford, East Grand Rapids, Sparta, Hudsonville, Marne, and Kentwood. More recently he has built in the Lowell and Grand Haven areas.


Are you looking for a quality custom home built to your needs? With over 30 years of experience, as a builder and developer in the West Side of Michigan. Dave and his son Brad will provide you with everything you need to create the best experience as a customer. If you’re looking for a quality custom home built at an affordable price, consider Dave Visser Builder for your next Custom Home!

House agent near Walker, MI
Brad Visser

Brad has grown up in West Michigan his whole life. He has been involved with construction and real estate ever since a young age. While studying at Calvin College, he spent his summers in the field learning about the industry. Brad now works alongside his Dad, in hopes to carry on the family tradition.

House expert near Walker, MI
Dave Visser

Dave has been a residential home builder since 1986. He started his career after graduating from Davenport University with a business degree. With his family deeply rooted in the real estate/construction industry, he pursued his own path and built a passion for excellence in building quality custom homes.

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